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AnaYelsi Velasco-Sanchez

En Conjunto Founder.

Born in Venezuela, AnaYelsi Velasco-Sanchez is an IndoLatinx mujerista working to create and agitate her way through the Latin diaspora. Having worked as a faith-based community organizer for a decade, AnaYelsi is now a consultant, educator, writer, and visual artist. She provides education and consultation in both sacred and secular spaces – helping people to pursue justice in an intersectional and holistic way. Her column, Brown Eyed Amazon, can be found at Patheos’ Progressive Christian channel.

AnaYelsi lives in Washington, D.C. You can follow her on twitter at @brwneyedamzn and on Facebook (/browneyedamazon).

Pronouns: she/her/hers

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Robyn Henderson-Espinoza, PhD

Steering Committee Member

Robyn is a PhD Queer Activist, latinx scholar, and public theologian.
They are the founder of the Activist Theology Project and a visiting scholar at Vanderbilt University Divinity School in Nashville, TN.

Gender Pronouns: They/Them/Their 
Twitter: @irobyn | Web:
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Leanette Pokuwaah

Steering Committee Member

Leanette Pokuwaah (Pronouns she/her) is a justice seeker and my faith is ever so intertwined with the work I do. She is a writer, teacher, and coach. Leanette wants to share with a little bit about who she is and why this platform exists:

     “As a first-generation Ghanaian woman, I wanted to be able to create and teach Enneagram content that sought to center the stories and voices of people of color and others that are traditionally placed at the margins. The Enneagram is a powerful pathway toward spiritual growth and for personal and professional development. I have been able to write, teach and coach through an intersectional lens. My unique intersectional approach centering queer people of color is deeply transformative. The opening of spaces for folks to uncover their whole selves through the recollection, reflection, and retracing of their stories is so powerful and healing.”

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Rev. Kwame Pitts

Steering Committee Member

Kwame, has embraced her identity and journey as interfaith; an ordained and practicing clergy in the Christian tradition she is also an initiate into Ifa and member of the Orisha IIe Ifa under the guidance of her Padrino, Babalwo Victor Guzman. Kwame’s gift, is working with rituals through both Ifa and through Vodoun towards healing from trauma especially from systemic racism, oppression and the stress of fighting for liberation. 

Jenn Walton

Jenn Walton is a writer, editor and storyteller based in Washington, D.C., and is working on her first novel project that explores, through the lens of a failing utopia, what happens when society gives in to its fear of the other. She is also a regular columnist at and previously wrote for a communications firm where she drafted and edited sponsored and organic content for top-tier academic institutions, Fortune 500 companies and leading philanthropic organizations that has run in The Washington PostUSA Today and the Atlantic.

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Rachel Virginia Hester

Rachel is a queer, Christian Afro-Latinx writer, photographer and educator working with faith communities at the intersection of queer liberation and racial justice. Rachel’s photographic services include event photography and portraiture sessions for individuals and groups. Rachel is also available to write on commission, consult and present on subjects related to LGBTQ+ histories, asexual politics, black diaspora, mixed-race experience, emotional justice, and more.

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Zebulon Hurst

Zebulon Hurst (he/they) is an interdisciplinary teacher, researcher, and poet from the Midwest who practices Reform Judaism. He offers custom content that can take the form of education-oriented music playlists and interfaith spiritual and sexual wellness curricula. They are also open to speaking engagements revolving around racialized identity, inclusion, and mental illness.

Siobhan Walker

Shavon is currently a seminarian with a focus on LGBT social justice. She hopes to use her degree to help the community defend itself against anti LGBT sacred texts, and to provide counseling and other necessary help. She is also interfaith, helping out with pagan conventions and other gatherings. She can be reached at