About Us

En Conjunto is a collective of people of color working independently at the intersection of justice and spirituality. We provide support, community, resources, and collaborative opportunities to a group of like-minded practitioners composed of writers, educators, artists, content creators, spiritual leaders, organizers, healers, and activists. Our aim is to create more visibility for freelancers and consultants of Color – increasing their access to opportunities and helping to build their platform.

En Conjunto is the vision of AnaYelsi Velasco-Sanchez. She developed the concept of a PoC-only network that centers women and LGBTQ+ people in response to the absence of groups that prioritize these identities as well as support the unique needs of those working at the intersection of justice and spirituality.

En Conjunto believes that valuing and prioritizing relationships is key to flourishing as independent practitioners. This is certainly true in terms of the relationship between a freelancer and their client. Even more so, relationships between freelancers themselves are vital to their well-being and longevity in a career that can otherwise feel isolating or lonely. No one can empathize and advise on the highs and lows of what we do better than we can. Competition is fine. Collaboration is better.

En Conjunto community agreements:

  • Enthusiastically agree to center the voices of women and LGBTQ+ people in the collective.
  • Commit to investing in one another through the generous sharing of time, resources, knowledge, and opportunities and rejecting the myth of scarcity.
  • Work to redefine professionalism and leadership by resisting white, classist, and cisheteronormative standards of how one must think, look, act, and speak.
  • Commit to cultivating an intersectional and holistic work model that does not hinge personal success on limiting or denying another’s access to justice.

“Literally, en conjunto means “in conjunction,” or “conjoined in,” implying the coming together, but also the integration and intimacy, in such a sharing. It is reminiscent of the human body, whose various joints, tendons, muscles, and bones must be conjoined in order for it to function in an adequate way” -Teología en Conjunto