En Conjunto provides support, community, resources, and collaborative opportunities to a group of like-minded practitioners. We’re writers, educators, artists, content creators, spiritual leaders, organizers, healers, and activists. En Conjunto will create more visibility and support for freelancers and consultants of Color working at the intersection of justice and spirituality– increasing their access to opportunities and helping to build their platform.

I believe deeply in building a togetherness for the purposes of collective liberation.  What En Conjunto does is build an orientation of solidarity & togetherness for the sake of culture shift & mindset shift

Robyn Henderson-Espinoza, PhD, Ile Team member

Even though I love it, I’ve learned that working for justice can be taxing. You’re more intimately engaged with oppressive systems &  actors than others because you must have knowledge of a thing to challenge its power and dismantle it. I’m excited about En Conjunto because it’s here that I can connect with other passionate people of color doing similar work, who know and share in its heartaches, and who have the capacity to have deep conversations around how spiritually and justice can come together, creating energy that fuels social transformation.

Alicia Crosby, Ile Team Member